Not paying your Council Tax bill

The process that we follow if you don't pay your Council Tax bill.

This sections explains the process that we follow if you don't pay your Council Tax bill.

​If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax due to being on a low income, you may be able to claim local Council Tax support.

You will still need to pay your Council Tax whilst you are waiting to hear about any claim you have made. ​

The Government launched the breathing space debt respite scheme to help people in debt to better manage their finances. Breathing space can give individuals with problem debt the opportunity to legal protections from their creditors in order to seek advice and guidance on their debts. 


There are a number of ways you can pay your Council Tax.


You can contact the Revenues and Benefits team by email (link sends email) or by phone on 01276 707100.

  1. Reminder notices

    A maximum of two reminder notices will be issued if payment is not made.

  2. Final notice

    If we still don't receive payment a final notice will be issued.

  3. Issuing a Summons

    The next stage is to issue you with a Summons.

  4. Recovering the payment by wages and benefits

    How we recover payment by your wages and benefits.

  5. Recovering the payment by enforcement agents

    Enforcement agents that we use and their fees.