Budgets and finances

Surrey Heath Borough Council collects Council Tax from 39,612 households within Surrey Heath on behalf of all local authorities in our area. £9.53 million (11%) stays with us, helping to fund a huge range of services to support our local communities. 

A household living in a band D property pays just 66p per day to help deliver more than 100 services provided by Surrey Heath Borough Council, equivalent to less than £241 a year. 

Most of the funding received by Surrey Heath that is used to provide services to residents across the whole Borough comes from your Council Tax (70%). The remainder is funded by central government, fees and charges such as planning applications, car parking and income from land/property and also 20% of business rates. 

The Council is helping to provide essential services to our residents this year by funding local organisations including Citizen’s Advice Surrey Heath (£80,000), Surrey Heath Age Concern (£10,000) and The Hope Hub (£40,000).  

Example costs for key services: 

  • £3.3 million collecting food waste, recycling, refuse and garden waste  
  • £2.8 million maintaining and investing in parks, playgrounds and leisure facilities  
  • £0.4 million supporting residents by working with our voluntary and community partners
  • £1.4 million street cleaning and emptying bins in our public open spaces  

Current finance documents and strategies 

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