Council Tax discounts

You might be entitled to a reduction in your Council Tax, or be exempt from paying Council Tax.

Single person discount

Council Tax is made up of a property element (50%) and a person element (50%) and assumes that there are two or more adult occupiers. If there is only one adult occupiers or if additional people are disregarded for the purposes of Council Tax a discount of 25% may be claimed.

Some people can get a single person discount even if other adults live in their home. This applies if the other adults aren’t counted for Council Tax, for example if they’re disregarded as ‘students’, ‘apprentices’ or because they’re ‘severely mentally impaired’.

We will normally award the Single Person Discount from the date you apply. If you are late requesting a Single Person Discount we may require you to provide evidence to confirm your sole occupation of the property before any discount award can be backdated.

Apply for a single person discount

Apply for a single person discount using our Council Tax options system.

Please select ‘View Council Tax reduction services’ then ‘I want to apply for a single person discount’.