Policies and procedures

Polices and procedures.

Safeguarding policy and procedure

The policy provides guidance that prevents and reduces the risk of harm to adults and children from abuse and/or other types of exploitation while supporting individuals to maintain control over their lives and enabling them to make informed decisions without coercion.   

We outline how this Council will meet its obligations to safeguard children and adults at risk. It applies to staff, agency workers, volunteers and contractors employed by the Council. It is also applicable to Councillors undertaking official duties on behalf of the Council.

The policy complements and supports the agreed multi-agency procedures set down by the Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership and Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board which is governed by a set of key principles and themes, designed to ensure that people who are at risk experience the process in such a way that it is sensitive to individual circumstances, is person-centred and is outcome focused.

It is vital for successful safeguarding that the procedures in this policy are understood and applied consistently at an individual, managerial, and organisational level. 

Download the full policy below: