After you submit a comment

What happens when planning applications are decided by planning officer or by planning committee.

Your comment will be submitted to the planning authority and your address and stance will immediately be made available online to the public.

We will not display your telephone number or email address to the public. 

Find out the outcome of an application

To find out the outcome of an application, you can check the planning register after the decision has been made on the application. 

Check the public access system

If a decision is made by a planning officer

Our planning officers will read all comments and objections carefully and check whether it is valid. Unfortunately, they can not respond with updates on planning applications. 

If a decision is made by a planning committee

More complex decisions will go to a planning committee or sub-committee.

If you commented or objected to an application that is going to be decided by a committee, we will let you know by email or letter around 5 working days before the committee meets.

We will tell you the date, time and how to apply to speak to the committee.

What happens at a committee

There is one slot per application for objectors and one for the applicant or supporters. They are limited to four minutes each.

Find out more about public speaking at a Planning Applications committee.

If you do not want to speak at a committee

Your comment will still be reported to the committee if you do not speak. 

Government targets

The current central government target are that local authorities should decide:

  • 60% of major applications within 13 weeks
  • 65% of minor applications within eight weeks
  • 80% of planning applications within eight weeks