Add your comment to the planning applications system

How to use the planning applications system to view or comment on a planning application.

How to use the public access system

The public access system holds all:

  • current and past applications
  • appeals against applications
  • enforcements against applications

To leave a comment, you will need to search the public access system for the application you want to comment on.

What to include in your comment

You must include:

  • your contact details
  • the type of commenter – for example, neighbour, Member of Parliament
  • if you object, support or are neutral
  • the reason for your comment – for example, loss of light or it gives a positive impact on the community

How to comment: 

To comment on a planning application online you need to register on Public Access(link is external) then follow these steps:

  • use the search function to find an application
  • enter the postcode, road, application reference number or first line of the address in the search field
  • select the application you are looking to comment on or object to from the results list
  • once selected, check the details of the application and click the 'Make a comment' button
  • select commenter
  • select your stance (object, support or neutral)
  • add your comments
  • submit your comment or objection

Please note that once submitted, your comments (including your name and address) will be published online.

Publishing your personal details

Under the Town and Country Planning Act planning applications and any written comments you make about an application, by law, must be placed on the public file. This means that:

  • your comments, and your name and address will form part of the planning application documents
  • anonymous and 'in confidence' comments will not be considered
  • your comments will be published on our website including your name and address
  • we will remove any signature, email address and telephone number before publishing
  • it may be possible for your name and address to appear in search results on Google, Yahoo and other internet browsers/search engines (of which the Council has no control over)


We will consider any special circumstance of making personal details sensitive. For example, keeping confidential the address of a person who is the subject of harassment. If you feel that your comment should be kept confidential please do not complete an online representation form as this will automatically be uploaded to the website before confidential information can be redacted. Please email (link sends e-mail) for a form. 

Register for updates to an application

You can also register to receive email notifications on:

  • tracked applications
  • saved searches

Register to receive updates on an application on the public access system.

Copyright of planning materials

Plans, drawings and material submitted to the council are protected by the Copyright Acts (Section 47, 1988 Act).

You may only use material that is downloaded and/or printed to:

  • consult
  • compare current applications with previous schemes
  • check whether developments are as detailed in the approved plans

Do not make extra copies without the prior permission of the copyright owner.