Local heritage assets 

Information about local heritage assets in Surrey Heath.

In Surrey Heath, there are many buildings and structures that may not meet the criteria for a statutory listed building but do add to the cultural heritage of the Borough. The result is that many fine buildings and structures that represent the early growth of areas like Camberley are unprotected by the statutory listing process.

Since 1989, we have compiled a list of local heritage assets. These are structures and buildings of local significance. They contribute to the character of the Borough and should be protected or retained whenever possible. 

Assets on local heritage lists are not protected in the same way as listed buildings but can be given protection through the planning system as ‘non-designated heritage assets’. These lists are maintained and managed by district and borough councils. They can include any building, monument, site, place, area or landscape which has heritage significance but is not recognised by another designation. 

Local heritage list project

Surrey Heath Borough Council has been working in partnership with Surrey County Council to develop an updated draft list of local heritage assets (also known as a ‘Local List’). 

A consultation was undertaken in Autumn 2021 seeking nominations for inclusion on the updated list. Alongside assets on the existing ‘Local List’, the nominated assets have now been assessed and an updated draft ‘Local List’ has been prepared. Subject to Executive approval, a consultation is expected to take place on the draft ‘Local List’ for a period of 6 weeks from 29 January until 4 March 2024. Please see the planning policy consultation portal for details of closed, open and upcoming planning policy consultations.

You can find out more about the local heritage list project on the Surrey County Council website (external link).

Current local heritage assets

View the current local heritage assets in the below document.

Please note that this list was last updated in 2011 and does not include recent additions. If you are in any doubt as to whether a building is a statutory or locally designated heritage asset, please contact the Planning Policy team.

Making changes to a local heritage asset

There are no special planning controls over works to a local heritage asset.

When assessing planning application that affect local heritage assets, we expect development to respect and promote the conservation and enhancement of the asset and its setting. 

Contact the Planning Policy team