Statutory listed buildings

Information about statutory listed buildings, how to identify them and what to do if you wish to make a change to them.

A statutory listed building is a building of special architectural or historic interest. Having listed buildings helps us acknowledge and understand our shared history. It celebrates a building's special architectural and historic interest. It also brings it under the consideration of the planning system so that some thought will be taken about its future. 

To find out more about the listing process, visit the listed buildings section of the Historic England website (external link).

Find out if a building is statutory listed

To find out if a building is statutory listed you can visit the National Heritage List for England on the Historic England website (link is external).

Making a change or demolishing a statutory listed building

If you wish to demolish a statutory listed building, or alter or extend it in a way that affects its character or appearance, you will need to apply for statutory  listed building consent. Works in the immediate surrounding area of a statutory listed building can also require listed building consent. 

Find out more about applying for statutory listed building consent on the Historic England website (external link).

Failure to obtain statutory listed building consent when it is needed is a criminal offence. If you are unsure if any proposed works need statutory listed building consent, please contact the Planning Policy team.

Buildings at risk register

The buildings at risk register includes information on all the Grade I and II* listed buildings and scheduled monuments that Historic England know to be 'at risk' through neglect and decay. Inclusion on the register is no criticism towards owners; many actively seek ways of securing their future.

Find out more about heritage at risk on the Historic England website (link is external).

Please note Surrey Heath doesn't currently have any buildings the Buildings at Risk register. 

Contact the Planning Policy team