Street naming and numbering

How to name or rename new streets and properties.


Postcodes are assigned to new or existing properties by Royal Mail at the request of the local authority. For a building to be eligible for a postcode it has to be either: 

A residential property

The property must be occupied and meet the requirements of a secure mail delivery point. The postman needs to be able to access the property safely for the delivery of mail. 

A business address

The property must be a registered business address that has clear signage displaying the business name. It must be occupied during business hours and have a delivery point that is both secure and easily accessible for the delivery of mail. 

Please note that a letterbox on an uninhabited building, barn, fence or gate does not meet the criteria to be added to Royal Mail's postcode address file (PAF).

More information

For more information please contact Royal Mail's Address Development team by email: (link sends e-mail)