Supplementary planning documents

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Yorktown Supplementary Planning Guidance

The Guidance covers Yorktown Industrial Estate, Watchmoor Business Park, Admiralty Way Industrial Estate and the residential areas to the west of Frimley Road.

The document has 4 main objectives: 

  • To improve access and transport options, and to ease congestion
  • To enhance the image and environment of this business gateway to the Borough
  • To provide a framework for landscaping as new development proceeds
  • To identify potential for improvements to the residential areas

The Yorktown Supplementary Planning Guidance was adopted by the Executive of the Council on 9 July 2002. This version of the Guidance, dated August 2003, incorporates subsequent amendments made by Surrey County Council to the Yorktown Highway and Transportation Strategy (October 2002). This Supplementary Planning Guidance should be read together with the Yorktown Highway and Transportation Strategy (October 2002) which is also available below.