Fast track planning application service

A fast track planning application service is available for householder planning applications and applications for lawful development certificates.

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Fast track planning application service

This pilot service provides a faster decision than the statutory period of eight weeks.

The purpose of a fast-track planning application service is to accelerate the determination of a planning application for a decision to be quicker than the statutory determination date (normally eight weeks), for an additional fee on top of the statutory fee.

The concept is similar to other government services whereby for a premium you obtain a quicker result. For example, applying for a passport. A fast-track service might be advantageous to you as an applicant. This may be for funding purposes, contractual requirements, build project deadlines or conveyancing reasons. Nationwide case studies were researched to assist with formulating the scope and extent of this new service.

Who can apply

This pilot is only available to applicants for householder planning applications and lawful development certificates and it is not offered for any other type of application. As this service is a pilot it is subject to regular monitoring and review.

Additional information

The service was agreed by the Executive on the 14 February 2023 as a pilot. The service will run from April 2023 until December 2023.

The Council reserves the right to suspend all or parts of the service if demand is too high or in the event of staff shortages or resourcing issues.

Please fully read the terms and conditions for comprehensive advice on how the service operates. If you have any questions, please email (link sends email).