Street trading

Apply for a street trading licence.

Street trading in the Surrey Heath area is regulated under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982, schedule 4. It is illegal to carry out street trading anywhere in the borough without a current consent from the Council and this can lead to a fine. 

The Council has designated all the streets in the borough as either prohibited or consent streets. Street trading on prohibited streets is not permitted under any circumstances.

Anyone over the age of 17 may apply for a consent to carry out street trading on consent streets. 


You will need to provide a fully completed application form, along with the following documents:

  • a completed/ signed application form and the relevant fee.
  • a passport style photo of the applicant where a sole trader.
  • a map showing the precise location of the proposed site.
  • electronic colour image of the unit that will be used for the street trading activity.
  • dimensions of the unit in metres (length, height, width).
  • a certificate of Public Liability Insurance for a minimum value of £5 million. 
  • if handling open food, a copy of the current Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering certificate for all food handlers working on the unit should be provided if available.
  • proof of a valid Waste Transfer Contract in place for commercial waste where applicable.
  • current valid gas safety certificate for the unit if applicable.

You may also need to supply permission from the land owner if the unit will be on private land.

We will inspect the proposed location of the unit as part of the application process and will display site notices there. Once we have granted a consent, we may inspect the unit from time to time.

Consents are either granted in full, granted with amendments (e.g. times plus days) or refused. A set of conditions will be attached to all consents.

Apply for street trading consent


For new applications for a permanent annual consent licence, a non-refundable Part 1 fee of £150 is payable.

The remainder of the fee (Part 2) is payable on grant of the consent.

Charge For Initial Cost Renewal Cost Total Cost
Fast/Takeaway Food/Ice Cream Vehicles or stalls £2530 £1265 N/A
Fruit and veg and other traders £1480 £740 N/A
Annual Charge – Camberley Town Centre – markets/events 37 days a year (to include 25 markets and 12 events) £2910 £1455 N/A

Adhoc trading

For ad hoc applications non-refundable Part 1 fee of £50 is payable.

The remainder of the fee (Part 2) is payable on grant of the consent.

Charge for Initial Cost Renewal Cost Total Cost
Daily Charge for stall in Town Centre N/A N/A £56.50
Weekly Charge for stall in Town Centre N/A N/A £237
Monthly Charge for stall in Town Centre N/A N/A £778
1 day per week for 12 month period (any category of trader) £688 £344 N/A
Market/special event day - up to 20 stalls N/A N/A £102.50
Market/special event day - 20 stalls and over N/A N/A £153.50

After application is submitted

The council will either grant the application within 28 days of receipt of a correct application. A consent may be withdrawn by the Council at any time.

There is no right of appeal against the refusal to grant or renew a consent, or if we invoke a consent. We will always give reasons to you if we refuse a consent.

Each consent is valid for one year and you must make a new application to renew the consent.

Street trading policy

All applications for consent to trade in Surrey Heath will be considered in conjunction with the street trading policy.