Sports pitch bookings

Information on booking sports pitches in Surrey Heath.

Terms of hire for grass sports pitches

  1. Bookings must be made at least five working days in advance of each fixture by email to (link sends email). Amendments can be made up to 12 noon on the Thursday before the reserved date. All bookings are subject to confirmation in writing from the council.
  2. If a cancellation is received in writing by 12 noon on the Friday before the reserved date no charge will be made. If a cancellation is received later than 12 noon, a charge will be made. Cancellations need to be made by email to (link sends email).
  3. If the hirer is dissatisfied with the facilities or services provided they should inform the duty groundsman or contact Glendale by emailing (link sends email).
  4. The Council reserves the right, at any time, to withdraw permission for a booking and to transfer bookings from one pitch to another.
  5. Any outstanding fees need to be paid in full before a booking can be taken.
  6. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate a Club or Hirer on the ground of their choice, the Council reserves the right to allocate pitches as it considers fit in the interests of ‘fair wear and tear’.
  7. Any question as to the fitness of the ground for play will be decided by the grounds contractor. Should pitches have to be cancelled, teams playing on the Saturday will be notified by no later than 2pm on the Friday and teams playing on the Sunday will be notified no later than 2pm on the Saturday.
  8. Surrey Heath Borough Council will not accept any responsibility for charges/fees associated with the cancellation of pitches.
  9. The privilege of using a pitch does not carry with it the right of exclusive use of any recreation ground.
  10. Clubs are expected to leave the pitch and surrounds litter free at the end of the game. Failure to do so will result in the club being charged.
  11. All clubs are required to hold a current third party public liability insurance policy indemnifying the Council against all claims to the sum of £10 million in connection with the hiring of the facility. Proof of holding such a policy must be produced at least seven days prior to the first booking and at any time thereafter as requested in writing.
  12. No responsibility will be accepted by the Council for any injury sustained by any player or official due to the condition of the pitch and bookings are only accepted on this understanding. It is therefore in the Club’s own interest to arrange appropriate insurance cover for its players and officials.
  13.  For bookings or cancellations email (link sends email).
  14. Pitches will normally be available as follows:
    • football and rugby without cricket outfield: first Saturday in September until the last Sunday in April (inclusive)
    • football and rugby with cricket outfield: first Saturday in September until first Sunday in April (inclusive)
    • cricket: first Saturday in May until last Bank Holiday in August (inclusive)
  15. Present charges inclusive of V.A.T are shown below:

VAT exemption

Block bookings must comply with the following rules to qualify for a VAT exemption:

  • the hirer must be a club, school, association or an organisation representing affiliated clubs (such as a local league)
  • a minimum booking of 10 sessions must be made and paid for as a whole, in advance
  • each session must be for the same sport or activity
  • each session must take place at the same facility
  • the interval between each session must be at least 1 day and not more than 14 days
  • no refund can be provided for the cancellation of any sessions of such a block booking by the Hirer without invalidating the VAT exemption. If a refund is provided following a request by the hirer, VAT will be retrospectively applied to all sessions in the block booking and the hirer will be invoiced for the balance due.

Cost of cricket pitches

Type of pitch or facility Cost
Pitch (adult, evening) £60
Pitch (under 18s, evening) £26.50
Pitch (adult, afternoon and evening) £68.50
Pitch (under 18s, afternoon and evening) £28.50
Changing room and showers (adult) £28
Changing room and showers (junior) £24
Changing room only (adult) £20
Changing room only (junior) £20

Cost of football pitches

Type of pitch or facility Cost
Pitch (adult) £68.50
Pitch (11 aside, under 18s) £35.50
Pitch (9 aside) £27.50
Pitch (7 aside) £24.50
Pitch (5 aside) £23.50
Changing room and showers (adult) £28
Changing room and showers (junior) £24
Changing room only (adult) £20
Changing room only (junior) £20

The Council reserves the right to vary and charge without prior notice.