Sports pitch bookings

Information on booking sports pitches in Surrey Heath.

Terms of hire for 3G pitch

  1. Bookings must be made in advance of each fixture by phone, email or in writing. All bookings are subject to confirmation in writing from the Council. Amendments can be made by 2pm on the day of the booking.
  2. Payment must be made at the time of booking. If no payment is received, your booking will be cancelled and you will not be permitted on to the 3G
  3. If a cancellation is received within 3 working days of the reserved date no charge will be made. If a cancellation is received later than 3 working days a charge will be made. Cancellations need to be made by email to (link sends email).
  4. Should the Council need to cancel any games on the 3G, each club will be contacted by either phone or email on the day of the booking.
  5. The Council reserves the right, at any time, to withdraw permission for a booking and to transfer bookings from one pitch to another.
  6. The Council cannot guarantee any team/club will keep the same day/time slot.
  7. Any outstanding fees need to be paid in full before a further booking can be taken.
  8. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate a Club or Hirer on the pitch section of their choice, the Council reserves the right to allocate pitches as it considers fit in the interests of ‘fair wear and tear’.
  9. The privilege of using a pitch does not carry with it the right of exclusive use.
  10.  Clubs are expected to leave the pitch and surrounds litter free at the end of the game.
  11. All clubs are required to hold a current third party public liability insurance policy indemnifying the Council against all claims to the sum of £10 million in connection with the hiring of the facility. Proof of holding such a policy must be produced at least seven days prior to the first booking and at any time thereafter as requested in writing. If you do not hold your own Public Liability Insurance, you can apply to play using Surrey Heath Borough Councils policy which is charged at £2.00 per game.
  12. No responsibility will be accepted by the Council for any injury sustained by any player or official due to the condition of the pitch and bookings are only accepted on this understanding. It is therefore in the Club’s own interest to arrange appropriate insurance cover for its players and officials.
  13. For bookings or cancellations email (link sends email).
  14. Present charges inclusive of VAT are shown below.
  15. VAT exemption is not applicable on the 3G pitch.
  16. Please note that if anyone wishes to use the 3G to play bubble football or similar activity, you will need to advise the Council


  1. It is the responsibility of the person named on the booking sheet, and signed below (or email confirmation) to ensure that adequate first aid provision is made for the duration of the booking.
  2. In the event of an accident requiring further medical attention, please inform the Grounds Maintenance Contractor or 3G Duty Officer.
  3. Booked times must be strictly adhered to.
  4. Children’s groups should be supervised at all times at an adult/child ratio of supervision suitable for the requirements of the activity taking place and by at least one adult (over the age of 18) arranged by the Hirer. This includes their arrival and departure and may therefore be outside the booked times. Unless specially requested and booked, the hire does not include any equipment other than goal posts - if such equipment is booked, the hirer may be charged an additional amount and will be responsible for the equipment.
  5. Floodlight control is under the direction of the 3G Duty Officer or grounds staff.
  6. Access to the site must be made through the allocated gateway and pathways.
  7. To help protect the surface, the management draws your attention to the following - Only clean training-type footwear with dimples not exceeding 5mm and moulded studs are to be worn. Blades and rigid blade style of boot will not be permitted onto the surface.
  8. Footwear must be worn by all players. Bare feet will not be permitted.
  9. No food or drink, chewing gum, smoking or dogs are allowed on the pitch or its surrounds.
  10. Players must not play at the side of the pitch or on surrounding grass bank area.
  11. The Hirer agrees to pay the Council, on demand the cost of repairing or making good any damage to the pitch, to the buildings or to the furniture, equipment and effects therein which may be damaged or destroyed by or in consequence of the booking.
  12. Admissions – Surrey Heath reserves the right at its absolute discretion to refuse the admission of or to evict any person from the pitch or park.
  13. Supervision. The Hirer is to be responsible for:
    • ensuring that the activity carried out is supervised by a responsible adult over the age of 18 and must be present on site throughout the booking.
    •  the administration, organisation and running of the event;
    • ensuring that only qualified referees and coaches are used and that they are insured against any possible claims for damage against them;
    • the supervision and control of spectators, competitors and officials;
    • ensuring that spectators, competitors and officials are informed of the Council’s car parking regulations and that the regulations are adhered to;
    • leaving all premises, including facilities, changing rooms and toilets as clean and tidy as possible. An extra charge may be levied on groups who do not comply;
    • having sufficient stewards and officials to fulfil these conditions.
  14. The Hirer shall at all times obey the proper instructions of the grounds and 3G Duty staff for the time being given for the safeguard of life or limb, or the preservation of the Council’s property in and about the Frimley Lodge Park.
  15. Surrey Heath reserves the right to refuse to renew an application where the group has previously abused the facilities.
  16. Any publicity concerning your event acknowledges use of the Council’s facilities. 
  17. All park Bye-laws apply.
  18. Must comply with the FA Respect rules.

I have read and understood the above. Should my club not adhere to the criteria outlined, we will accept full responsibility in the case of negligence and forfeit our rights to use the facility.