Houses in multiple occupancy

Information for landlords about houses in multiple occupancy.

Licence for a house in multiple occupancy 

A house in multiple occupation (HMO) is a property rented to three or more people who form two or more households who share some basic facilities such as kitchen, bathroom and living room. 

If this applies to a property you rent out, then you must register it with the Council and be subject to regular inspection.

All properties let to five or more people, who form two or more households should have a HMO Licence. 

It will be valid for five years and must be renewed before it runs out. If you have more than one HMO property a separate licence is required for each one.

Please refer to our HMO information sheet for more information on how to obtain a HMO Licence and the standards to meet.


If you require a HMO licence, you will be charged a fee. This must be renewed every five years.   

  • £808.83
  • £698.27 if you are a member of any nationally recognised landlord accreditation scheme or association.


To apply, please contact (link sends email) for an application form.

Before applying please view the below checklist:

  • Copy of a Reviewed Fire Safety Risk Assessment (Fire safety risk assessments should be reviewed annually or following any significant changes)
  • Gas Safety Certificate (this needs to be undertaken on an annual basis)
  • Landlord’s Periodic Electrical Safety Inspection Certificate (whole of electrical installation in house both power and lighting circuits - this must be undertaken every five-years)
  • Fire detection and alarm system test certificate (this is to be undertaken on an annual basis)
  • Fire extinguishers test certificate or proof of purchase of new appliances (this is to be undertaken on an annual basis)
  • Emergency lighting test certificate (this is to be undertaken on an annual basis)
  • Evidence of portable appliance testing (PAT) (only necessary if electrical appliances are provided as part of the accommodation - this is to be undertaken on an annual basis)
  • Prosecution Convictions and Cautions History from Surrey Police or any other Police Force in the United Kingdom (only required where the Self Declaration of a Criminal Record includes a relevant offence)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the dwelling (only required If over ten years since the last assessment)
  • Asbestos survey (If applicable)
  • Details of refurbishments, rewiring etc. (If applicable)
  • Confirmation of Landlord Accreditation (If not accredited at the time of the last licence application or it has changed)

Council's register of mandatory licensable HMOs

View the Councils' register of mandatory licensable HMOs: