Environmental offences

How to report fly-tipping, graffiti, dog fouling, abandoned vehicles, highways and street cleaning issues.

Street cleaning

Street cleaning is managed by our partner, Joint Waste Solution. You can report a street cleaning issue including fly tips which need clearing, but which you did not witness happening, on the make a request or report a problem webpage.

Report fly tipping, graffiti or dog fouling

Environmental crimes such as fly-tipping, fly-posting, graffiti and dog fouling can result in a Fixed Penalty Notice. If you witness an incident or street vandalism, you can report it using the following forms:

Abandoned vehicles

Many people are concerned by the effect of abandoned car.

The Council can investigate and take action on abandoned vehicles. Examples include vehicles that;

  • have been vandalised
  • are burned-out
  • are in a dangerous condition
  • pose an environmental hazard. This also includes vehicles that are on privately owned land where the land is open and accessible to the public

Parked cars causing a traffic hazard or illegally parked cars which are not in an unsafe condition is a matter for the police.

The Council receives a significant number of reports of abandoned vehicles from members of the public. All cars reported to the Council are checked against DVLA records. These sometimes indicate that a car which looks abandoned is in fact registered and taxed but the disc not displayed in the screen. Most vehicles are untaxed rather than abandoned. You can check this yourself on the DVLA website.

Report a highways problem

Surrey County Council are responsible for most Highway problems. You can report a highways problem on the Surrey County Council website (external link).