How we spend Council Tax money

Information on how we spend Council Tax money.

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How your Council Tax is shared out

Only 11% of your Council Tax goes to Surrey Heath Borough Council.

Surrey Heath Borough Council collects Council Tax from 39,612 households within Surrey Heath on behalf of all local authorities in our area. £9.53 million (11%) stays with us, helping to fund a huge range of services to support our local communities.

A household living in a band D property pays just 66p per day to help deliver more than 100 services provided by Surrey Heath Borough Council, equivalent to less than £241 a year.

Recipient Percentage of Council Tax recieved
Surrey County Council 74%
Surrey Police 14%
Surrey Heath Borough Council 11%
Parish Councils 1%


Most of the funding received by Surrey Heath that is used to provide services to residents across the whole Borough comes from your Council Tax (70%). The remainder is funded by central government, fees and charges such as planning applications, car parking and income from land/property and also 20% of business rates.

The Council is helping to provide essential services to our residents this year by funding local organisations including Citizen's Advice Surrey Heath (£80 thousand), Surrey Heath Age Concern (£10 thousand) and The Hope Hub (£40 thousand).

Example costs for key services

  • Collecting food waste, recycling, refuse and garden waste: £3.3 million per year
  • Maintaining and investing in parks, playgrounds and leisure facilities: £2.8 million per year
  • Street cleaning and emptying bins in our public open spaces: £1.4 million per year
  • Supporting residents by working with our voluntary and community partners

Like many others in the UK, our costs have increased this year due to rising inflation, reductions in funding from our partners and an increase in demand for our services, We are doing all we can to reduce our costs by being more efficient in the way we work and making savings on our budget - we have already reduced our costs by more than £2 million over the past year.

Just some of the services we provide:

  • Resident support: benefits, community safety, environmental health, elections, housing and homelessness support, family support, refugee re-settlement, transport, meals at home, safety alarms
  • Business support: independent business network, The Workshop, business rate advice and collection, retail initiatives for small businesses
  • Waste and recycling: recycling, food waste and refuse collections, bulky waste, street cleaning, garden waste
  • Planning and licensing: Building control, policy, applications, consultation, enforcement, land charges, development management
  • Environment: reducing carbon emissions, flytip clearance/enforcement, parks and countryside maintenance, air quality monitoring
  • Sport and Leisure: museum, theatre, funding and grants, youth sports and activity programme, walks for health, community development, car parking

Surrey Heath highlights 2022

Resident support

  • £13.7 million paid to residents in housing benefit and council tax support
  • supported over 100 families in crisis or with complex needs in Surrey Heath
  • 41,022 meals served to older or vulnerable residents in Surrey Heath
  • over £280,000 secured to support those at risk of homelessness

Business support

  • supporting local businesses by launching the Surrey Heath Independent Business Network
  • 108 young people found work or training with support from The Workshop

Waste and recycling

  • 221 hours spent street cleaning by our crews each week
  • 3.9 million bins collected including food waste, recycling, refuse, and garden waste

Planning and licensing

  • consulted on the draft Local Plan and received 1,178 comments


  • 3,500 trees planted across the Borough
  • 436 inspections ensuring food hygiene standards
  • 18,314 miles of grass mowed in open spaces and at the roadside

Sport and leisure

  • 876,892 visits to our new leisure centre in Camberley
  • Opened Skate Park at Mytchett Recreation Ground
  • 50,441 people attended events at Camberley Theatre
  • 59 young people accessed coached sports sessions as part of the Surrey Youth Games