A guide to the Family Support Programme

A guide to the Family Support Programme.

What families can expect from the programme

Meeting your family coordinator

A family co-ordinator will meet with your whole family in your home. They will listen and hear how you would like things to change from the way they are now.

They will help you to identify your strengths and help you to think about how you might build on these to make your family stronger and your life better. They will listen to your concerns and worries and help you think about when they started and how they might be overcome in the future. This information will inform an early help assessment to find out what support you need.

You can find out more about early help on the Surrey County Council website (external link).

Meeting your team around the family

Your family co-ordinator will set up a meeting between you and staff from other services. You may have worked with some of these services in the past and new ones may also be invited. These people will form a team around the family (TAF) providing different expertise and support so we can work together to meet your goals. Meetings will happen virtually, in your child's school or a community setting.

Family profile

Your team around the family will discuss your family health and wellbeing in many different areas with you. This will help them find out the best ways to help and support you. This discussion will help to show the areas different family members feel positive about as well as their issues and concerns.

Regular meetings

Your team around the family will meet with you every six weeks to help and support your progress. Your family will have your own support and review plan so everyone can check your progress across the year and encourage you. Your family co-ordinator will work with you to help you make the initial changes that will allow you to meet your goals.

You will see them for a few hours a week and they will coach, mentor and support you through the difficult times. We recognise it is hard to change, even for the better! They will help your family to keep a support diary and attend appointments.