A guide to the Family Support Programme

A guide to the Family Support Programme.

How the programme can help

The programme will support you in areas that you have identified as being in need of support. We will encourage you to think about what might help you overcome these concerns and difficulties. Using these suggestions, we will create a plan that will support you in the best, most helpful way possible.

Areas in which the programme has helped families


we can help with budgeting, benefits and managing your debts, essential furnishings and repairs, hygiene and cleanliness and community relationships.

Keeping your family safe

Help with your health and wellbeing, stress and depression, managing disabilities, eating and exercise, drinking or drugs.

Couple relationships

Help can be given regarding co-parenting and managing conflict.


We can give advice on relationships, communication, routines and children's behaviour at home.


Help regarding children and young people finding it difficult to make good progress at school.

Difficult life events

Advice on managing relationship breakdown, bereavement, trauma and loss, abuse.

Moving towards employment

Find out about training, CV and interview preparation, voluntary work experience and preparation for employment.

Creating new opportunities

Helping you get involved in community activities, connecting with others and making sure your children have access to activities.