Community right to bid

The community right to bid, also known as assets of community value, gives people the chance to bid to buy and take over the running of assets that are of value to the local community.

Community right to bid

Land or buildings that the community uses or has used in the past and could use again, are likely to be classed as 'assets of community value'. These properties could include:

  • churches
  • community halls
  • libraries
  • pubs
  • schools
  • shops
  • sports facilities
  • town halls
  • village greens

The building or land does not have to be in community ownership; it could be in private or local authority ownership.

If a building or land that is registered as an asset of community value comes up for sale, local community groups can ask for the sale to be suspended for six months so they can make a bid and raise the funds to buy the asset. You can find out more information about this on the My Community Rights Website (external link).