Community right to bid

The community right to bid, also known as assets of community value, gives people the chance to bid to buy and take over the running of assets that are of value to the local community.

Make a nomination

Only community groups can put forward nominations. Individuals or businesses are not able to do so.

For a local group to be able to nominate land, it will have to demonstrate that its activities wholly or partly take place in the local authority area that the land sits in, or in the neighbouring authority's area. A neighbouring authority is one that shares a boundary with the authority that the asset is in.

Groups that can make nominations include:

  • community interest groups
  • neighbourhood forums
  • parish and town councils
  • unincorporated groups

Before making a nomination, please try to find out as much as you can about the ownership and use of the proposed community asset.

We will have to contact the current owner and/or occupier, so if you can provide names and addresses this would really help. If you are uncertain of the ownership details, you will find the Land Registry website (external link) very useful. If the property is not registered, please provide the most accurate information that you can. Please liaise with the other groups (where applicable) and work together to share the workload but also to avoid multiple nominations for the same property. A property requires only one nomination; several nominations will not add weight to the case for listing.

You can make a nomination by completing our online community asset nomination form.

Make a community asset nomination