Surrey Heath welcomes first ever ethnic minority Mayor

Cllr Sarbie Kang, Mayor of Surrey Heath

Councillor Sarbie Kang has been chosen as the 52nd Mayor of Surrey Heath.  

At the Mayor-making ceremony, on Wednesday 15 May 2024, Cllr Kang was sworn in for the forthcoming year - receiving the Mayoral chain of office.    

Cllr Kang is a councillor for the West End & Bisley ward.  

Cllr Kang said: “It is a great honour to be the 52nd Mayor of Surrey Heath and a unique opportunity to be an ambassador for our borough on its 50th anniversary, representing all residents.

"I see this special 50th anniversary year of Surrey Heath Borough Council as an exciting opportunity for me, in bringing the community together and fostering a spirit of unity and collaboration.

"Surrey Heath has a bright future, and I am committed to working tirelessly to encourage all residents to make it a safe, environmentally friendly, and inclusive borough for all.

"I will grab the opportunity with both hands to not only raise the profile of two very worthwhile charities, but also the much-needed funding they require to allow them to continue their incredible work. I hope everyone can join me to help raise as much as we can over the next 12 months.”

This year the Mayor will be supporting two charities, South East Coast Ambulance Service and Camberley Care Trust. 

Cllr Louise Ashbery, who represents Heatherside ward, was appointed Deputy Mayor.

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Photo credit: Alan Meeks