Surrey Heath Borough Council to revise Planning Services fees

A man and a woman (shoulders down in view) pointing at building plans. Red spirit level and yellow hard hat in shot

Surrey Heath Borough Council is proposing to amend existing pre-application building control fees and introduce administration costs to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

The recommendation to uplift the fees is principally driven by the government’s increase in statutory planning application fees and to bring them in line with the fees and charges of other boroughs in Surrey.

The new regulations which increased by 25% for non-major application fees and by 35% for major applications fees took effect on 6 December 2023. The proposed pre-application charges will follow these increases.

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder Sustainable Transport & Planning Cllr Alan Ashbery said: “While we recognise the importance of fostering growth within our communities, it’s also important to deliver effective services with sustainable finances and develop a high performing organisation.  

“These fees will ensure a well-resourced planning service, thorough evaluations of each application and provide value for money.”  

If approved, the new policy aims to improve the overall planning process and facilitate responsible development within the borough.  

Applicants are encouraged to review the updated fee structure. The council remains committed to transparency and will continue working closely with the community.

Access the Agenda of the Executive meeting of 13 February 2024, and read more details on the Review of Planning Services Fee Charges item, and other items to be discussed.  

Update - 14 February 2024

At the Executive meeting of 13 February 2024, the Executive resolved that: 

  • The pre-application charging schedule be increased by 25% for non-major proposals and 35% for major proposals and takes effect from 1 April 2024 
  • The existing fast-track planning application service continues and, subject to piloting, from 1 April 2024 is expanded to include minor developments 
  • General enquiries fees and administrative fees for paper handling and invalid planning applications be introduced and take effect from 1 April 2024
  • Planning performance agreements are standardised and better promoted with a clear fee structure, template agreement and improved web content 
  • Building Control fees be increased by 53% to take effect from 1 April 2024 
  • Building Control administrative fees are introduced for archive records, Demolition Notices and Exempt Building Work Certificates. 

You can read more on the 13 February 2024 Executive meeting webpage