Heatherside improvements to support remembrance of Armed Forces' sacrifice

Heatherside sign with illustration of deer stag with avenue of trees

A decision will be made on a local community project grant bid totalling £5,000 at the upcoming Executive meeting. 

The grant application to be considered is for Heatherside ward (via Cllr John Skipper) for a World War I memorial bench, six ‘Tommy' silhouette statues, three new park benches and a Queen’s Green Canopy plaque. 

These would be placed at various locations around Heatherside Recreation Ground, Wellingtonia Avenue and Heather Ridge Arcade. 

The Local Community Improvement Fund (LCIF) provides grants to assist local not for profit organisations with the delivery of community projects.  

The grants are funded through Community Infrastructure Levy payments (payments made for development taking place in the Borough).     

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Sustainable Transport and Planning, Cllr Alan Ashbery said: “The Local Community Improvement Fund is an excellent source of funding for local not for profit groups, to give community projects a boost, and we’re pleased to be able to offer these grants.”  

The LCIF is open for submissions twice a year, with applications made online.  For more information visit the Local Community Improvement Fund page   

The bidding for LCIF funds for projects is designed for non-Parished areas in the Borough only. Parish Councils can be approached directly for support in relation to project funds, since they receive a proportion of Community Infrastructure Levy monies from building developments in their Parishes. 

Ward councillors can also make bids to the LCIF.   

Access the Agenda and read more details on the Local Community Improvement Fund bids, and other items to be discussed at the Executive Meeting of 21 May 2024   


Update - 22 May 2024

The Executive resolved that, in line with the CIL bids detailed in Annex 1 to the agenda report, £5,000 be awarded to Heatherside Ward for new park benches, memorial bench, plaque & 'Tommy statues'.