Cycling and walking route improvements planned

A family cycling along a trail on a sunny day

Approval for the next stage of plans for improving Surrey Heath’s cycling and walking infrastructure will be sought at the council’s upcoming Executive meeting.

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) are 10-year plans for investing in walking and cycling in an area. Surrey Heath Borough Council is working with Surrey County Council to produce a LCWIP for the borough. 

This includes:

  • A network plan for walking and cycling which identifies preferred routes and core zones for further development, and;
  • A prioritised programme of infrastructure improvements for future investment.

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder Sustainable Transport & Planning Cllr Alan Ashbery said: “The development of the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan supports a variety of our key priorities, from protecting our environment to promoting healthier and more inclusive communities.

“The plan will help support a strong economy and improve connectivity both within and beyond borough boundaries.

“This work also confirms our commitment to campaign for residents on matters that are important to them.”

The development of an LCWIP for Surrey Heath is now complete. As part of this work, workshops were held with cycling and walking groups, residents’ associations, councillors and neighbouring authorities. Wider views were captured from members of the public via a dedicated website used to inform the early scheme development.

As a result, 20 aspirational cycle corridors and 11 core walking zones in Surrey Heath were identified in the draft LCWIP.

Phase Two of the plan involves consultation with the public on detailed designs and options alongside the development of feasibility studies for the set of cycle and walking routes, capable of benefiting from any funding opportunities.

This Phase Two work is required before requests for funding from the government and other sources may be made. Endorsement of the draft LCWIP at the Executive meeting will mean Phase Two can start.

Access the Agenda and read more details on the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, and other items to be discussed at the Executive Meeting of 19 March.

Update: 28 March 2024

The Executive resolved to 

(i) endorse the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan as Phase 1 of this project; 

(ii) note that this endorsement will enable the commencement of the Phase 2 feasibility work in partnership with Surrey County Council (SCC) following sign off by SCC.