Council considers new car parking strategy

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Surrey Heath Borough Council is to review the proposal to update parking fees and facilities across the area. 

The goals of this parking strategy include: 

  • Making car parks safer and more convenient for residents and visitors.  
  • Modernising payment stations to make paying for parking quicker and easier.  
  • Ensuring parking facilities are clean and well-maintained  

The proposed fee increases which could come into effect from April 2024 will increase by the equivalent of 20 pence to 25 pence from the first hour.  

Cllr Helen Whitcroft, Resident & Community Services Portfolio Holder said: "It is with regret that we find ourselves having to increase parking charges in order to pay for crucial, essential improvements in the borough’s car parks but we are fully committed to an ongoing proactive maintenance scheme for each individual car park to ensure expensive unexpected repair bills are a thing of the past."

“This decision comes after careful evaluation of resident and business needs, while keeping the council's commitment to deliver effective services with sustainable finances.” 

Access the Agenda and read more details on the parking strategy, and other
items to be discussed at the Executive Meeting of 13 February onour website -  (link is external)  


Surrey Heath Borough Council is reviewing in committee a new car parking strategy to support further improvements in the operation and facilities of our car parks, including making our car parks a safer and more convenient experience for residents and visitors, prior to the proposed approval of any final strategy by the Executive in February.    

The strategy recognises the rising cost of operating car parks and their ongoing capital investment requirements with the need to recover those costs to make them more financially sustainable for the longer term.   

The Council provides a number of free and chargeable car parks for the convenience of residents and visitors alike, and aims for these to be self-funding going forward, rather than attract a subsidy from all council tax payers.  

The new charges will contribute directly to funding enhancements such as better signage, improved line painting, increased cleanliness, modernised and more convenient pay stations, fire prevention provision and CCTV to help prevent anti-social behaviour.     

Cllr Helen Whitcroft, Resident & Community Services Portfolio Holder said:    

“Our commitment to deliver effective services with sustainable finances is at the forefront of this initiative and the decision to increase parking charges comes after careful consideration.     

“We recognise the impact these changes have on residents, businesses, and visitors.   

“Despite increases in previous years, insufficient maintenance has been carried out on our car parks  and these new charges are crucial for the essential improvements we need to make.“   

Key points of the new car park strategy:    

1. Enhanced Signage: The increased revenue from parking charges will be allocated to revamp parking signage throughout the borough.     

2. Upgraded Pay Stations: The investment will introduce more modern payment stations to streamline the parking payment process, making it more convenient for users and reducing the environmental impact through use of solar power.  

3. Upgraded CCTV for Safety: To address concerns related to anti-social behaviour in parking areas, the council will invest in better surveillance measures to create a safer environment, deter undesirable activities, and enhance the overall security of public spaces.    

 4. Safer walking route: Clearly marked safer walking routes to ensure all our customers feel safe using the council's facilities, day or night.   

The revised parking charges proposed to come into effect mainly from 1st April 2024 will increase by the equivalent of 20 pence to 25 pence from the first hour. This aims to strike a balance between providing essential services and ensuring long-term investment in improvements.    

Access the Agenda of the Performance & Finance Scrutiny Committee meeting of 24 January, and read more details on the car parking strategy item, and other items to be discussed.