Rescheduled Frimley Green ward election

The rescheduled election of councillors for the Frimley Green ward of Surrey Heath Borough Council will take place on Thursday 15 June 2023. 

Poll cards will be sent to electors from 15 May 2023. Voters who are unable to attend their polling station on 15 June can apply to vote by post or by proxy (where someone else votes on your behalf).  

The deadline to apply to vote by post is 5pm on Wednesday 31 May 2023.  

The deadline to apply to vote by proxy is 5pm on Wednesday 7 June 2023. 

Voters choosing to cast their vote in person at a polling station will need to show an accepted form of photo ID, which includes a passport or photo driving licence.  

Further information can be found on our how to vote webpages, at the Electoral Commission website(link is external), or by calling SHBC Democratic Services on 01276 707165. 

Voters without an accepted form of ID can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate up to 5pm on Wednesday 7 June 2023 via the GOV.UK website (external link), or by contacting the Council via (link sends e-mail) or 01276 707165. 

Electors who usually vote at Frimley Green Youth Centre will be voting at Frimley Green Club, 18-20 Sturt Road, GU16 6HX at this election. 

Electors who are not currently registered to vote can do so at the register to vote webpage on the GOV.UK website (external link). The deadline for registering if you would like to vote in the Frimley Green ward election is midnight on Tuesday 30 May 2023. 

The original Frimley Green ward election was due to take place on 4 May 2023 but, in line with electoral law, it did not take place due to the death of a candidate in the run up to the election.