Scrap metal and salvage

How to register or renew a scrap metal dealers or motor salvage operator licence.

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Scrap metal and salvage

Anyone who trades in business as a scrap metal dealer is required to be registered with their local authority.

A scrap metal dealer who has a scrap metal store must register with the local authority in the area the store is situated. A scrap metal dealer who has no scrap metal store must register with the local authority in the area their business address is situated. If there is no business address he or she must register with the local Authority in the area he or she lives.

There will be two categories of licence:

  • a site licence
  • a collector's licence (separate licences will be required for each council area where collections take place)

Motor salvage operators must also register as a scrap metal dealer if you:

  • recover for reuse or sale, in whole or in part, salvageable parts from motor vehicles and sell or otherwise dispose of the rest of the vehicle
  • mainly or wholly buy written-off vehicles and repair and resale the same vehicle
  • mainly or wholly sell or buy motor vehicles that are to be subject to any of the two activities above
  • carry out activities that fall under the two points above

More information on the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 can be found on the GOV.UK website (external link).


  • scrap metal dealers site licence (lasts for three years): £525
  • Variation (site) £265.50
  • scrap metal collectors licence (lasts for 3 years): £265.50
  • Mobile licence variation: £134


Please complete the scrap metal dealers application form.

Apply for scrap metal deal licence

Additional information

A decision will be made within 28 days. If the registration is successful it is valid for three years.

If an application is refused, the applicant may appeal to the local Magistrates court. Applications must be made within 21 days of service of the local authority notice.

The Council may cancel a registration. If an application is cancelled we do not have to consider any application for registration for three years from the cancellation date.

If we intend to refuse an application or cancel a registration we must serve a notice on the applicant or operator. The notice must give details of what we are proposing to do, the reasons for it and the period during which the person may make representations.

This period must not be less than 14 days and starts from the date of service of the notice.

A notice will be served detailing our decision as to whether to grant an application, renew a registration or cancel a registration.

Contact the Environmental Health team by phone 01276 707100 or email (link sends email)