Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

Information about when a Temporary Event Notice is needed and how to apply.

If you’re organising a temporary event and want to serve or sell alcohol, provide late night refreshment, or put on regulated entertainment, you’ll need to complete a temporary event notice (TEN).

A TEN can only be used providing that less than 500 people (including staff and performers) will be on the premises at any one time and the event lasts no longer 168 hours (seven days).

When you need a TEN

You need a TEN if:

  • alcohol is sold at your event
  • entertainment continues after 11pm
  • food or drink are served between 11pm and 5am

Further information and guidance visit the temporary events section on the GOV.UK website (external link).

Update for 2022 to 2023

There have been some changes to legislation that affect a TEN from 2022 to 2023.

  • the number of TENs allowed at a premises has increased from 15 to 20
  • the number of days allowed for TENs at a premises has been increased from 21 to 26 days

Tacit consent apply

Yes. We have a target completion period of 14 days for this notice.

If you have not heard from us by the end of this period you can act as though your application is granted. We aim to acknowledge your application and to begin processing it within this period.


The application fee is £21.

Please note payment must be made at the same time the TEN is submitted. Payments are non refundable.

If you do not submit the fee with your TEN then your submission will be invalid and cannot be processed.


The application should be made to the local authority where the event is located. You should check this on the Temporary Event Notice section of the GOV.UK website (external link) before submitting your application.

You must apply at least 10 clear working days before your event.

Clear working days do not include:

  • the day we receive your TEN
  • the day of the event
  • Saturday or Sunday
  • bank holidays

Apply for a Temporary Event Notice

Apply for a late Temporary Event Notice

In exceptional circumstances, you may submit a limited number of late TEN's which can be submitted no later than five (but no sooner than nine) working days before the event. If a valid objection is received after receipt of a late TEN, the event will not be permitted to proceed.

Example - a TEN applied for on a Friday for an event the following Friday will be void as there are only four clear working days. The event cannot go ahead and there will be no refund.

Larger events

If any of the below apply, please contact to the Licensing team as a premises licence may be required instead of a Temporary Event Notice.

  • the event will be at a premises where an alcohol or entertainment licence does not already exist
  • there will be more then 499 persons attending the event
  • you need an event management plan for the event
  • the event will be outdoors, and music will be provided
  • the event is not a premises where people ordinarily gather (for example, a village or church hall)
  • you will be using a temporary structure such as a stage or similar
  • the event will last several days
Contact the Licensing team