Current pavement licence applications

Current pavement licence applications

List of current applications

Reference Number

Name of Premises

Name of Applicant


Type of Application

End date for representations

Details of application

PAVE/3045/23 Wildwood Mr Tasty PLC

44 Park Street, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3PL

Pavement Licence 08/10/2023 21 tables, 36 chairs and 6 sofa chairs with planter sectioning. (No change from current licence)
PAVE/3050/23 Myfroyoland Myfroyoland

22 Park Street, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3PL

Pavement Licence 10/10/2023 3 tables 6 chairs

Making a representation

A representation can be made against an application for a premises to place tables and chairs on the highway within seven days of the application being made.

Representation are made by:

  • responsible authorities
  • other persons

Email your objection to the Licensing team.

Determination of applications

At the end of the public consultation period we will have seven days to  determine the application, starting with the first day after the public consultation ends.

At this stage we may:

  • grant a pavement licence to the applicant, together with conditions or
  • reject the application.
  • although there is no automatic right of appeal to a decision to reject an application, arrangements are in place that will allow businesses to seek  a review of a decision to refuse a licence.

These are temporary arrangements, which come to an end at the end of September 2023. Licences may be granted for a minimum of three months. Alternatively, they may be granted for any period up until the end of September 2023 when they will automatically expire.

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