Supplying eggs

Information for food businesses about supplying eggs.

The sale of unstamped/ungraded eggs to catering or retail premises is not permitted. Catering or retail premises should not use unstamped/ungraded eggs from any source other than their own hens.

If you handle hens eggs sold to shops, catering establishments, village shops, pubs, bakeries and other similar outlets, the eggs must be graded as ‘Class A’.

Eggs can only be graded in a council approved and EMI (Egg Marketing Inspector) authorised packing centre.

The local authority is responsible for ‘approving’ egg packing centres and ensuring they meet the requirements of the above food hygiene regulations. The same packing centres must also be ‘authorised’ by the EMI. The EMI is responsible for checking that the grading processes meet the Egg Marketing Standards Regulations.

You will need approval as a packing centre by Surrey Heath if:

  • You grade eggs and supply these to wholesalers, retailers, caterers and other similar outlets.

You will not need approval as a packing centre by Surrey Health Borough Council if:

  • You produce eggs and sell ungraded eggs from the farm gate, through your own farm shop or on a local market stall or your own bed and breakfast.
  • You produce eggs and pack them for supply to an approved packing centre for grading.

You must register with EMI if any of the following apply (regardless of if you need approval);

  • If you have 350 or more hens;
  • If you have 50 or more hens and any of your eggs are sold at local public markets;
  • If you grade eggs.