Report dog attacks, dog fouling and stray or lost dogs.

Lost and stray dogs

Stray dogs

Report a stray dog

All local councils are required to collect stray dogs. Any dog found straying will be picked up.

If you find a dog, return to the owner if possible . If that is not possible, report it to us via the report a stray dog online form.

The dog may have been reported missing. Do not keep, sell, give away or abandon any dog you find.

Any dog that is not claimed within seven days will be rehomed or passed on to an appropriate rescue organisation.

Fees and charges for stray dogs

  • collection of dogs by owners: £81, plus a variable fee per overnight stay in kennel. Statutory charge locally determined.
  • veterinary fees: payable if need for treatment determined.
  • collection of dogs, out of hours: £107, plus a variable fee per overnight stay in kennels.

Lost dogs

Report a lost dog

If you lose your dog you should contact Surrey Heath Borough Council using the online form, or call 01276 707100 to see if your dog has been picked up.

The dog service will check your dog's identification and discuss arrangements for its return or your collection.

The total amount must be paid before your dog will be returned. The stray dog contractor will be able to advise you how much is due to be paid online.

Fees and charges for lost dog

  • pick up and return: £81, plus a further charge per night spent in the kennels and the cost of any veterinary treatment.
  • out of hours charge: £107, plus a further charge per night kennelling fee and the cost of any veterinary treatment.

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