Support for Ukrainian nationals

Help available for Ukrainian nationals in Surrey Heath, and how local people can support Ukrainians moving to the area.

Ukraine Family Scheme

The Ukraine Family Scheme (external website) allows those who apply to join family members or extend their stay in the UK.

If your family member qualifies for the scheme they will be able to live, work and study in the UK and access public funds (most benefits, tax credits and housing assistance provided by the UK government).

There are some differences to the Homes for Ukraine scheme where local residents are offering to be sponsors to those coming to the UK.

While your Ukrainian relatives will be able to work or secure an income through benefits, the government has not set up the Family Scheme to provide any direct financial support from the Council. This means that arrivals will not receive £200 and you will not be entitled to the £350 per month ‘thank you payment’ which is available under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

When they arrive, your Ukrainian relatives should make a claim for Universal Credit as soon as possible in order to secure an income. Details can be found on the Homes for Ukraine: Guidance for guests webpages on the Government website (external link).

For local advice on claiming benefits you can contact Citizens Advice Surrey Heath (external website) by calling 0808 278 7936 or email sends email).

Citizens Advice can also help if you or your Ukrainian relatives are suffering hardship due to lack of money, or need to access local services such as food banks.

Once you have applied for the Ukrainian Family scheme you cannot transfer to the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Homes for Ukraine scheme

Surrey Heath Borough Council is proud to be supporting the Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme. We are grateful to all of our residents who have opened their homes to those fleeing for their lives.

We provide support and advice to sponsors, and work to ensure that everything is in place to make the arrangement a success. The Council visits host households and their Ukrainian guests, and assists with essential safeguarding and property checks.

The Council also helps to organise regular social meet ups for Ukrainian guests and sponsors. For more information contact (link sends email).

Once sponsors pass all the required governmental checks they can receive the monthly £350 ‘thank you payment’ from the government. These payments are made for up to 12 months from when the guest arrives at the sponsors’ accommodation.

Offering accommodation

For more information view the Homes for Ukraine sponsor guide on the Government website (external link).

If you would like to register your interest in offering accommodation to Ukrainian refugees, you can do so via the Homes for Ukraine: record your interest webpage on the Government website (external link).

Please view the Homes For Ukraine Privacy Notice for information on how we will use your data. 

Help finding a Ukrainian national to host

If you don't personally know anyone fleeing Ukraine, you can still register your interest on the Homes for Ukraine: record your interest webpage on the Government website (external link).

More information on support for Ukrainian nationals in Surrey is available on the Surrey County Council website (external link).

More information and support can be found on the UK welcomes Ukraine website (external link) and Homes for Ukraine how-to guide website (external link).

Ending a host relationship

If you wish to end your host relationship after six months, you must give two months’ notice to the Council so we can help with your moving on needs. These options will most likely be a rematch with a new host or moving into privately rented accommodation.

Offering support

If you are not able to offer a home as part of the Ukrainian Resettlement Scheme but would like to offer your support in other ways, please contact us at (link sends email).

Other ways to help

If you would like to support those who are most at risk, financial donations to the following charities provide humanitarian relief in Ukraine: