Safety Advisory Group

Information about the Safety Advisory Group in Surrey Heath.

It is recognised that public events can enhance community life in Surrey Heath. However, there is a potential risk to public safety and adverse environmental effects posed by the numbers of people attending such events. In recognition of this Surrey Heath Borough Council has an established Safety Advisory Group (SAG) to ensure that these public events can take place safely and successfully.

The Safety Advisory Group will provide advice and guidance to event planners and organisers in staging their events. They will also help them understand their individual responsibilities and those of other agencies involved.

Core membership of the Safety Advisory Group includes:

  • Surrey Heath Borough Council
  • Surrey Police
  • Surrey Fire Service
  • South East Coast Ambulance Service
  • Surrey County Council Highways

Larger events, events of an unusual nature or events that are new to Surrey Heath will benefit from meeting with the Safety Advisory Group.

The Safety Advisory Group exists to consider plans presented by the organisers of events and offer guidance on the contents and structure of the event plan. It is not the role of the Safety Advisory Group to assist in planning the events or writing plans. The purpose of the Safety Advisory Group is to offer guidance to help organisers discharge their responsibilities. The members of the Safety Advisory Group will not accept or adopt any of the responsibilities of the organiser.

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