Surrey Heath Arts Council

Information about the history of the Surrey Heath Arts Council, and the funding schemes it offers.

About the Arts Council 

Surrey Heath Arts Council was founded in 1981 under the-then Mayor of Surrey Heath, Cllr Mrs Joy Reid. The Arts Council are a registered charity (charity number: 286681).

Membership is open to any individual or representatives of arts organisations operating within the Borough of Surrey Heath. The Committee is made up of representatives of local arts organisations, Borough Councillors and co-opted members. 

The aim of the Arts Council is to stimulate and encourage the creative arts and develop their appreciation amongst residents throughout Surrey Heath. Through assisting individuals and facilitating some events it tries to show the local community the wealth of talent which exists in the Borough and seeks to improve communication and awareness between interested individuals and groups. 

The Arts Council helps groups and individuals financially through two schemes, both of which require applicants to live or, in the case of organisations, meet within the Borough. Applications are considered by a Grants sub-committee, and a recommendation made for endorsement by the Arts Council. The sub-committee meets up to four times a year. 

Grant aid 

This is a small grants scheme funded by our annual competitive application to the Borough Council. If our application is successful we are able to provide limited financial assistance to local groups and individuals at non-professional level. Examples of eligible applications might include summer school fees, grants towards equipment, or assistance in mounting a particular group project. 

James Winterbottom Bursary awards  

These are available to students studying at professional level. Funding is allocated from interest on invested capital which was specifically donated or raised for this purpose. These awards may be made to students to assist them to progress in their chosen cultural careers. Students wishing to apply for a Bursary Award should in the first instance send an email explaining the purpose and amount for which they are requesting funding assistance. They will then be guided as to what further details will be required. 

How to apply

To apply for a grant or bursary, please visit the Surrey Heath Arts Council website (external link) or email (link sends e-mail) for an application form.