GPS location services

We offer an invaluable service to help keep vulnerable people safe and provide peace of mind around the clock.

How it works 

The GPS Location Service offers peace of mind and reassurance for individuals who may feel vulnerable when out and about. Through a discreet device carried or worn by the person, we can use satellite technology to pinpoint their location when support or help is needed. 

Each device is linked to a 24-hour Monitoring Centre offering support and emergency response 365 days a year. Help can be requested by pressing the button on the device, alerting the team of fully trained operators. They will find out what support may be required, communicating directly with the individual via the device if necessary. 

Peace of mind 

A pre-determined ‘safe zone’ area can also be set – if the person goes outside this area the Monitoring Centre will be automatically alerted. Each client has a nominated responder who will be contacted by the Monitoring Centre when the device is activated. An individual’s location will only be identified at the point of an alert, and will never be given out to anyone not authorised. 

Maintaining independence 

The service is available to residents across Surrey who feel vulnerable out in the community - this could be because of a physical, sensory or learning disability, dementia, trauma or reduced mobility. On joining the service our fully trained team of staff will visit the client and their responder to assess and discuss how to tailor the service to their needs. 

Cost and sign up 

The cost of the GPS Location Service is only £27 per month, plus a one-off administration fee of £17.50. You will not be tied into a minimum contract. 

We work with Runnymede Borough Council to provide this service. Referrals can be made on someone’s behalf by relatives, friends or health and social care professionals. To request the service please complete the online GPS location services request form on the Runnymede Borough Council website (external link) or contact our team on 01276 707659.