Information on the actions related to energy already taken by the Council to tackle Climate Change and protect the environment. 

Improving energy efficiency 

More than 1300 fluorescent lights and around 100 standard lights were replaced with energy efficient LED versions throughout Main Square Car Park in 2019. Movement sensors were also installed to reduce energy wastage. 

All external lighting in parks are currently LED. 

Surrey Heath House 

  • recycling bins available throughout the building for staff use 
  • LED lighting in process of being installed throughout the building.
  • reduction in use of paper towels in kitchen areas and toilets
  • through investments in updating the radiator valves and main heating controls in Surrey Heath House in March/April 2020, a reduction of CO2 emissions from gas use was achieved.
  • turn down water heaters to save energy
  • energy saving appliances used wherever possible

Partnership work 

In partnership with Action Surrey we encourage energy efficiency, and highlight grants and funding available for residents in this area. 

View the Action Surrey website (external link) for more information.