Climate change action plan

Surrey Heath Borough Council

The Council has produced a Climate Change Action Plan to work towards mitigating and adapting for climate change The Action Plan is a living document and will be regularly updated by the Council. The Surrey Heath Climate Change Action Plan has two key aims:

  1. To work towards achieving the ambitious net-zero carbon emission target by 2030 as an organisation and contribute to making the Borough net zero by 2050 (with the aspiration for net zero by 2030).
  2. To ensure that the Council as an organisation is resilient to the impacts of climate change. It will support the resilience of the Borough to the impacts of climate change.

Download the action plan document below:

Surrey County Council

Surrey's Climate Change Strategy has the ambition for Surrey’s residents to live in clean, safe and green communities. It encourages people and organisations to embrace their environmental responsibilities. The strategy sets out the collective approach to tackle climate change.  

Find out more about Surrey's climate change strategy on the Surrey County Council website (external link).

Visit Surrey County Council's climate change webpages (external link) for more information about action being taken across the county, and ways you can get involved.