Discretionary housing payments

Information about discretionary housing payment and how it can be claimed.

Discretionary housing payments are used to help people who already get housing benefit, local housing allowance, or universal credit and are;  

  • struggling to pay ongoing rent shortfall or have rent arrears 
  • have unusual or extreme circumstances which are causing hardship 
  • having difficulties because of the effects of the under-occupation rules for housing association tenants 
  • having deductions made under the benefit cap rules.

There are no rules that give anyone a right to a payment. But we may be able to pay you if you need extra financial support.   

The Council has a limit to the amount of extra payments it can make. A panel will process your application and may not be able to give you a discretionary payment if someone else is in greater need.  

How to apply 

You can apply for discretionary housing payment using our online system.

Login or register for discretionary housing payments account

If you are unable to access the system online, you can email us at revenues@surreyheath.gov.uk (link sends email) and ask us to send you a paper form.

Our benefits team will contact you to let you know the result of your application.  

If you don’t agree with the decision of the panel you can ask the Council for a senior officer to have another look at your application. As this is a discretionary payment normal benefit rules for appeals do not apply. His or Her decision will be final.  

Discretionary payments cannot cover 

  • certain elements of the rent such as heating, lighting, water charges and charges to cover meals 
  • increases to the rent due to outstanding rent arrears 
  • benefits agency sanctions or suspensions where an amount of Income Support or Jobseeker's allowance is reduced, suspended or lost 
  • settlement of a previous yeas council tax arrears 
  • reduce any council tax support recoverable overpayment 

Keeping us informed 

You must let the Council know about any changes in your circumstances as this could change payments.  

An overpayment can be recovered by the Council.  

If you have need help applying for discretionary housing payments or you have any questions please contact the team. 

Contact the Revenues and Benefits team

Revenues and Benefits team
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