Council strategies

Council strategies

Economic development strategy

Surrey Heath has a vibrant and dynamic local economy, a high quality of life and strong connectivity. The Borough’s officers and members are committed to delivering, enabling and supporting economic development to ensure that existing and new opportunities are exploited for the benefit of businesses, residents and visitors.

The Surrey Heath Economic Development Strategy provides an ambitious road map for good growth and prosperity of the local economy from 2023 to 2028. It identifies opportunities for accelerated economic growth and resilience whilst, taking a proactive approach to mitigating the global, regional and local challenges impacting the Borough.

Reinforced by an extensive evidence base, the strategy incorporates 8 strategic priorities that focus on outcomes to support businesses and residents. The strategy builds on the momentum of key industries such as manufacturing, health technologies and pharmaceuticals but also recognises future growth sectors such as film production, the creative industries and the green economy. The 8 strategic objectives are outlined within the strategy and these will be achieved through implementing the following priority projects:

Project Number 1: Delivering Inward Investment and Business Retention

Project Number 2: Accelerating High Speed Digital Connectivity

Project Number 3: Boosting SME Skills, Productivity and Business Performance

Project Number 4: Assuring the Appeal and Vibrancy of Camberley Town Centre

Project Number 5: Enhancing the Economies of the Villages and Rural Areas

Project Number 6: Developing Active Travel Infrastructure

Although the Borough Council can create the conditions for achieving these priority projects, the council appreciates that the strategy cannot be delivered in isolation and incorporates a partnership approach with key stakeholders to ensure that residents, businesses and visitors are all able to benefit from delivery.

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