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Find your Surrey Heath Borough councillors, county councillors, parish councillors and Member of Parliament.

Borough councillors

Surrey Heath Borough Council comprises 35 elected councillors.

They come together regularly to debate issues and make decisions in meetings of the Council and its committees. Here councillors decide the Council’s overall policies and set the budget each year. Meetings of the Council are normally open to the public.

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County councillors

Surrey County Council is the county authority for Surrey. It is responsible for services such as:

  • education
  • transport
  • fire and public safety
  • social care
  • libraries
  • trading standards

Surrey County Council has 81 elected councillors.

You can find out more about your county councillors on the Surrey County Council website.

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Parish councils

There are four parish Councils in Surrey Heath: 

  • Bisley 
  • Chobham
  • West End 
  • Windlesham

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Member of Parliament

Find out more about the Member of Parliament in Surrey Heath.

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Outside bodies

There are a number of organisations which are independent from the council, but have an impact on its service areas.

So that the Council can maintain effective partnerships with a number of these organisations, representatives of the council, usually elected councillors, sit on the various committees and forums that are responsible for them.

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