Residents panel

Residents panels are a way to bring together residents and partner agencies to look at issues facing the local community.  

Residents panels enable residents to explore issues facing the community with the Council and partners in order to work towards finding a resolution. A wide range of issues can be raised via this forum including those that aren't directly controlled by the Council.

To request a residents panel, you must have a petition with more than 49 signatures.  

Once you have more than 49 signatures, the following criteria must be met:

  • the issue impacts residents from more than one Ward
  • the issue cannot be resolved from a more suitable resolution route such as a complaint or appeals process
  • the issue does not duplicate the Community Trigger process
  • the issue does not involve a Planning or Licensing application or a statutory petition
  • the issue cannot be resolved through the application of established Council processes available to officers
  • the issue is not one dealt with by the Employment Committee
  • this issue is not one dealt with by a Joint Action Group (JAG) for example a neighbourhood dispute
  • if the issue relates to an external organisation, the resident panel must not duplicate or contradict the external organisations own complaint/dispute processes (for example the Housing Ombudsman process)

The request should be made in writing to (link sends email).

The Monitoring Officer will decide whether to hold a residents’ panel. If the decision to hold a panel is declined, then the reasons will be put in writing to the resident who submitted the petition.

The panel will be facilitated by the Council and chaired by the relevant portfolio holder or committee chair. 

A pre-agreed number of residents will be able to present to the panel including any evidence to support the issues raised. If appropriate, partners or other stakeholders may also be invited to attend and to speak. The agenda of the panel, together with attendees will be agreed with resident representatives headed by the petition raiser.  It is essential that the residents selected to present share a diverse range of views to fully explore the issue from a number of viewpoints.

A written response of the outcome will be published on the Council's website and an outcomes meeting will be offered to residents with progress against any resolution fed back to the appropriate Scrutiny Committee, Executive or Council Meeting.  

For more information, please contact Sally Kipping