Councillor allowances

Information about councillor allowances.

The Council pays an allowance to all councillors to recognise the time they spend on Council related activities, including meetings. A special responsibility allowance is also paid to councillors who hold a position with additional responsibility (for example, a member of the Executive or a chairman of a committee). 

Separate payments are made to members to cover travelling and subsistence costs to those meetings and training which are recognised as being approved duties. No payments were made in this period in respect of arranging for the care of children or dependants. 


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Independent Remuneration Panel

Councillors’ allowances are independently reviewed on a periodic basis by an Independent Remuneration Panel. The panel last met in January 2024 and its recommendations, were considered by the Council at its meeting on 21 February 2024. The decisions made were recorded in the minutes of this meeting.

More information

You can find out more by viewing part six of the Constitution - Members Allowances Scheme.

If you wish to have further information on the payments, please contact the Democratic Services team.

Further copies of this record of payments are available for public inspection in the Contact Centre at the Council Offices.

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