Family Support Programme

Information about the family support programme and how to make a referral.

Runnymede and Surrey Heath Borough Councils have joined in partnership to deliver the Family Support Programme (FSP). The programme aims to inspire, motivate and enable families to learn, develop and implement change enabling them to enjoy all aspects of family life and make a positive contribution to their local community.

The Family Support Programme offers intensive support from a 'family coordinator' who will work with each member of the family. They aim to better understand the family dynamics and their hopes, aspirations and the needs of each member of the family.

The family coordinator will then work with our partner agencies to help put in place the support needed.

These agencies will come together and form a 'team around the family' allowing the family to have a voice and for the relevant agencies to work together as a team and support the whole family. 

Making a referral 

Referrals can be made through Surrey's Children's Single Point of Access (CSPA). To do this you need to complete an EFR request to support form which can be downloaded on the Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership website (link is external).

After a referral has been made

The referral will be assessed at the CSPA and if it is decided that the Family Support Programme is the most appropriate course of action, the case will be referred to the team for allocation to a family support coordinator. The coordinator will then be in touch to arrange an initial home visit.

It is important to gain the family's consent before submitting the referral form. You should ensure you complete the referral in full. Please obtain as much information as possible as this will help your referral when it is being triaged at the CSPA.

If you would like further information please contact the family support team.

Contact the Family Support Team