Report Suspected Council Tax or Housing Tenancy Fraud

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Please use this form if you suspect that someone may be receiving Council Tax Reduction or Housing that they are not entitled to. Each referral will be evaluated by the investigation team and the information provided followed up.

Please provide as detailed much information as possible.

All referrals will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Please note: If you are reporting Housing Benefit fraud, this is now dealt with by the Department for Work and Pensions. Please see the government website for how to report it.



Address of person you suspect is committing fraud
If you are unsure, please provide an approximate age
Please describe any distinguishing features e.g. glasses, facial hair, scars or tattoos, hair colour and length
Please provide details, e.g. make, model, colour, vehicle registration if possible
For example, travel times to and from work; details of people living in the same property