Wildflower Areas and Long Grass Regimes

Wildflowers in Windlesham

SHBC introduced trial wildflower areas in 2019 and have since expanded the scheme. 

This year more areas are being added as part of a wider scheme of improving and diversifying wildlife habitats and enhancing biodiversity across the borough. 

These areas will provide important habitats for insects and pollinators and provide new wildlife havens that are crucial to the development of our parks and open spaces and the wider environment. 

Our grounds maintenance contractor, Glendale, have donated equipment and wildflower seed towards this project. Alongside this, SHBC is also working with Glendale to introduce long grass regimes, starting in our major parks and aiming to gradually increase these areas over the course of the five-year contract. 

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when installing these areas, such as highway safety, site levels and underground services. They are all developed on a trial basis with a view to making them a permanent part of our landscape.

This work also makes an important contribution to the SHBC Climate Change Action Plan.

Wildflower Locations

Existing Wildflower Areas (on verges)

  1. A30, near the Old Dean (opposite Camberley fire station) 
  2. Slip Rd in Frimley, near A331 
  3. Frimley Road (opposite Matalan)
  4. Guildford Road, Lightwater 
  5. Sturt Rd, outside Frimley Lodge Park 

Existing Wildflowers (in parks or open spaces)

  1. The Grove, adjacent to Frimley Park Hospital roundabout 
  2. Bagshot Cemetery, School Lane 
  3. Windmill Field, Windlesham

Proposed Wildflower Areas (on verges)

  1. Yaverland Drive, Bagshot 

Proposed Wildflowers (in parks or open spaces)

  1. Old Dean Recreation Ground (behind the Games Area), Camberley  
  2. Rosewood Way, West End 
  3. Clews Lane, off the A322, Bisley 
  4. Arethusa Way, Bisley 

Please note that the above list does not include the Heatherside Recreation Ground Bunds. The extent of wildflower/long grass areas in this location is yet to be agreed. 


Wildflower Cutting Regime

These areas will be cut once a year at the end of the growing season and all the arisings will be collected. Please note that timings are subject to weather conditions and will fluctuate slightly each year.


Long Grass Regimes

These will be introduced slowly, starting with some small areas at Frimley Lodge Park, Frimley Green Recreation Ground, Mytchett Recreation Ground and Camberley Park. 

Our aim is to have some long grass areas within every major park by the end of this year (2021). We will also be including some parts of verges, roundabouts and areas around the base of trees. Long grass areas are being installed as trials, and can easily be reversed and included within the normal cutting regimes at any time if needed.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions about Wildflower Areas and Long Grass Regimes.