Memory Tree

Situated in Frimley Lodge Park, behind Frimley Lodge cafe, the tree is a special place to remember loved ones in a peaceful and familiar setting. It is ideal for those unable to visit loved ones' final resting places or those who just want a quiet place to reflect and think.

To leave your message, go to the cafe where you can find pens and rice paper. The rice paper is bio-degradable so is safe for the environment. There is mesh around the tree for you to attach your paper message to the tree meaning it's good for the tree too!

The idea of the memory tree came about after Debbie Webb from Frimley wanted a local place to remember loved ones as paying respects was sometimes difficult to master with long distances and children in tow. She posted a message on a Facebook page and this was seen by many other residents and Cllr Paul Deach who used her message to show the local desire for a memory tree.

The tree was formally blessed by Rev. Larry Baines in a small ceremony attended by Debbie Webb and family, Cllr Paul Deach, representatives from Business Services and Karen Whelan, Chief Executive of Surrey Heath Borough Council.

A video of the launch of the Memory Tree at Frimley Lodge park can be found by visiting this link to YouTube:

To listen to the BBC Surrey report, please visit the Surrey Residents podcast site at