Tree Planting Species Selection

In recent years many trees have been propagated and imported from abroad and grown on by British nurseries.
Highly invasive pests and diseases such as Oak Processionary Moth [OPM] and Chalara [Ash Dieback] have also arrived on infected plants and have had a serious and progressive impact on the health of our trees and landscape across the country, especially the south and southeast.
In the case of OPM, human health can also be an issue. These concerns has led to government intervention with bans on importation and movement of trees.
The Borough Council has for many years sought to ensure Oak trees are included as an option as replacements for protected trees being removed and also within landscaping schemes on development sites. However, the confirmed presence of Oak Processionary Moth [OPM] in the area has resulted in the decision to suspend the option of Oak as an appropriate species until further notice. This now joins the loss of the Common Ash and cultivated varieties to support the Council’s position with regards to biosecurity.