Seven Steps for Keeping The Peace

1. Stereo and TV

Think about the volume of the stereo or TV, particularly if you live in a flat. A good test is that if you can hear it outside your property then it is too loud. Consider using headphones but do be careful if you play it loud as it could cause irreparable hearing damage. Place your TV or hi-fi speakers away from your neighbour's walls and raise them off the floor.

2. Household chores

Do not mow the lawn or start DIY work at the crack of dawn, nor should you consider doing washing or vacuuming in the middle of the night. Remember just because you are awake doesn't mean everyone is.

3. Parties

The Council receives large numbers of complaints about noisy parties, particularly during the summer. Neighbours are much more likely to understand if they are warned or even invited but this is no excuse for making loud noise. If possible, keep any amplified equipment inside. If the equipment must be outside then the volume should be turned down as low as possible and after midnight should be taken inside. Keep your entertaining to special occasions. Regular get-togethers are more likely to offend than one off events. When your guests leave ask them to leave quietly.

4. Dogs

Your pet may bark because it is lonely or bored. Constant barking or howling can be particularly disturbing. A well-trained, happy dog will not bark unnecessarily.

5. Cars

Don't play your car stereo for the whole world to hear especially when you are parked and the windows are open. Make sure the alarm is not faulty.

6. Household Alarms

A miss-firing alarm can cause considerable disturbance to a large number of people, particular if the householder is away and no key holder is available to turn off the alarm. It can also be expensive for the householder when he or she or returns because if no key holder is available the Council will have no option but to cut off the alarm. The bill for calling out an alarm company will be sent to the householder. Asking a friend to act as your key holder can prevent this. It is important that you tell him or her how to turn the alarm off and give his or her name, address and telephone number to the Police. It is also important that the alarm is well maintained and has a 20-minute cut off device.

7. Fireworks

Be considerate to your neighbours and their pets when letting off your fireworks. Do not let them off late at night, and inform your neighbours. Attending an organised firework display is always better and safer than a firework display in your back garden. Always follow the firework safety code.