Revenue Grant Scheme

Surrey Heath Borough Council has awarded revenue grants for the past 16 years. At its meeting on September 11 2019 the Council Executive agreed to amend this scheme and invite applications from organisations that provide vital services – whether helping people in their daily lives, or contributing to the community through the arts, sport, or access to the natural environment. This open funding stream can include core costs. Bids are invited from organisations that meet the criteria in providing services in our community to enable the Council to achieve its short and long term strategies.

This scheme is aimed at organisations that are fully compliant and registered ‘not for profit organisations’, such as charities. Please refer to the Council's objectives from our Five Year Strategy, and the previous grant award information. All applications must demonstrate a clear benefit to the local Surrey Heath community, or a section of it.
Where organisations undertake work on the Council’s behalf, the Council Executive has agreed to ring fence their funds. This relates to Citizens Advice Surrey Heath (£80,000 in 2019/20), Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership (£10,000) and Basingstoke Canal Authority (£10,000).
The total cash budget available is a minimum of £165,000 (that includes the ring fenced funds for the above organisations). This is subject to final confirmation when the Council Budgets are set, which is expected towards the end of 2019. Any revisions to this figure will be available prior to the awards at the Council Executive meeting on January 21, 2021.
The scheme is open annually and covers the period from April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021. Please note that applications received after November 7, 2019, or any incomplete applications, will not be considered.
All awards made are linked to Service Level Agreements, to ensure the changing local priorities and needs continue to be met.
Please email your completed application form (which can be found in a link at the bottom of this webpage) with appropriate supporting documents to and
More info
If you require further information please download the Application Form or speak to either Jayne Boitoult 01276 707464 or Ben Sword 01276 707272.
Please provide any other relevant information that may not be covered within the application form that you think will be useful.
This is a discretionary scheme that can be changed or withdrawn at any time, and the Council decision is final on all applications received.